Monday, April 23, 2012

Asbury Park Half Marathon 2012 Race Review

New Jersey Half Marathons -  Race Review of Asbury Park Half Marathon
Race Review by Kevin McConnell

I really enjoyed the Asbury Park Half on April 21 it was down the boardwalk besides the ocean half the course is down and back felt nice running on the board walk, I would do this again and one to consider if you need to do a NJ Half race plenty of stuff they give away, nice shirt, plenty of food sandwiches, snacks beverages, even beer and "Tellie" metal check my FACEBOOK page for metal and agonizing photo of me at finish, it was only $45 too not like NJ Marathon/ Long Branch Half which charges $90 for early registration and gives you hardly nothing and even though it has a nice picture of a lighthouse on the shirt only about 1 mile of the race is near the ocean ( beginning and end) the rest is in suburban Long Branch.

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